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Dragon figurines make a great gift for any dragon enthusiast

These fine dragon candles and dice sets will make an excellent addition to your dragon collection. They also make great gifts for any dragon enthusiast.

Dragonfire Tavern dnd candle

Dragonfire Tavern Candle

A warm crackling of the fire at the hearth, minstrels playing lively music, and the scent of jolliness and hositality welcome you to the Dragonfire Tavern.

Only $15.00
Dragonscale dnd dice

Dragonscale Dice

A set of green and gold metal dice with a dragonscale texture on the outside.

Only $49.95
Bronze dragon dice for dnd

Draconika Bronze Dice

Just like the noble bronze dragons of lore, this set of seven D&D dice features dragons in relief on each face.

Only $30.00